Onverse Help

This page is the basics for Onverse. Hopefully it will help you get started.

Note: first time players should go to the learning center and complete the tutorials when they join. It will make everything much easier!

Collecting Player Points and Cash Coins

You can only get CC by buying them, inviting people, or winning one of the many monthly competitions. You can look at all the competitions here. PP stands for player points and can be found all over the world for free. With PP you can buy furniture for your house, clothes for your avatar, better tools, or pets! To get PP you first have to equip your tools. When you start you get three basic, level one tools; the net, hammer, and shovel. To equip them open your inventory, then click the tab for equipment. After that right click on the one you want and click equip. If you don’t want to do that every time you want a tool then just open your toolbar and click and drag them to any of the 10 spots, then to equip them press the number you put it in and it will equip. Each tool can destroy certain things such as the level 1 hammer can destroy the boxes and coconuts, the level 1 net can catch the fireflies and blue butterflies, and the level 1 shovel can dig up gravel and small mossy rocks. You may notice that theres some things that you can’t get. To get more stuff you need to upgrade your tools at the Onverse Store. when you collect something with your tools blue diamonds will come out, collect those because those are the PPs. PP come in many different sizes including 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 1000. After you collect the PP you can check how many you have by looking at the box in the upper right hand corner that says PP. Now go collect as many as you can!

Getting a House

When you first start Onverse you don’t have a house, but thats ok because you can get a free apartment! To get a free apartment go to the free apartments on volcano island or the hub (look for a blue building symbol on your map). look around for an open apartment with a good view (if its open the sign next to it will be orange not blue) and Right click on the sign next to the door, then click purchase. After you buy an apartment you’ll want to decorate it, to do that go to your inventory and click on the tab for furniture, then click and drag it to where you want it or right click on it and click place. Eventually your quaint little apartment will get overcrowded and you’ll want a bigger one. That’s no problem if you have enough money! To get a bigger house or apartment you can go to the deluxe apartments next to the free apartments or you can go to volcano island, ancient moon, and many other areas and choose from hundreds of different houses! You can choose from a little one room hut, to a castle in a hellish land, to a giant mansion on the moon! Once you choose the house you want right click on the sign next to the door and click purchase. You might not have enough money for your dream home, if not just go get some more or choose another house.

Changing Your Avatars Looks

Want to have your own look? Easy! You can change anything about your avatar, its hair, hair color, eye color, skin tone, clothes, for guys your facial hair, and for girls your lip color. To do this open your Inventory and go to avatar then click and drag what you want to the boxes up top. To change clothes go to the tab for clothes and again click and drag. If you want some newer clothes you can go shopping at Threadz, his ‘n’ hers or Bling.

Getting Around

There are many ways to get around Onverse. You can walk, ride a cannon, or teleport. Walking is just the arrow keys or wasd. To use the cannons walk up to one right click on it and click ride. To teleport open up your map and click on the place you want to go. If you want to get around in style you can buy a mount or a car. You can find mounts in the stables at the outdoor stores. Cars are next to the stables at Vroom.


To chat just click on the chat box in the lower left corner and type. If your chatbox doesn’t show up when you hover your mouse over it then click the chatbox button on the bottom of the screen or click enter. When chatting you can shout by typing /shout and then your message, send someone a message by typing /tell “thier name” then your message, or you can talk to only your friends by typing /friends and your message.


You have many animations to choose from including dancing and emotions. To do this open your animations box, click the + next to the box of which type of animation you want to do, then click any animation you want.

Adding Friends

To add someone as a friend walk up to them right click them and click add. When you do that a notification will be sent to thier chatbox. Once you get a friend request in your chatbox click the picture of the + in the top right corner of that little notification box to accept it. You will know if they accepted it because a thing will pop up in your chatbox saying “thier name is online”. you can also go to thier home, teleport to them, or see thier onverse profile by right clicking on them and clicking any of those buttons or clicking on the buttons next to thier name in the chatbox.

Buying Things

If you see something you like in a store walk up to it, right click on it, and click purchase, but first check if you have enough money. Also in the Onverse store there is free furniture and clothing that will change many times a day so check back frequently so you don’t miss anything good!


Did I forget to add something? If I did just message me on Onverse!

If this didn’t help you can ask for help in the forums or you can check the help section.

If you need help in game just ask a guide. Look for the bright yellow name, it’s hard to miss. You can also type /guide to send a  message to all online guides. For a full list of all current guides, community managers, and developers go here.



32 responses

26 12 2009

I set my furniture out on a table and it moves! It just won’t keep still. How do I make it stay in place? Thx! From twilight09. You can find me usualy in the shark club, or shopping.

3 01 2010

I found out never mind. lol

3 01 2010

I have seen people with cars. Does Onverse have them? Oh, where can I get them?

19 12 2010

Cars are not out in onverse yet. You might have seen developers with blue names driving around in cars testing them but they are definately not out yet.

4 02 2010

How do u open ur apt door???????

7 09 2010

right or double click

14 03 2010

i need to know how to open my apartment door! ive tried everything! 😛 it wont work!!!!!!!!!!!

21 03 2010

just right click to open ur apt door

7 09 2010

u can also double click 😛

23 03 2010

Oh, don’t forget you can get cc’s from events, conpetitions, and special offers. I would add that bit of info B)

24 04 2010
clover nightfire

when i double click to play it would let me! it says it needs to update how???

7 09 2010

go to thier website and download again

29 05 2010


29 05 2010


7 06 2010

HOW DO U MAKE MORE PP’S i play icefall, i use the fireworks, and dig, use hammer, and net!

7 09 2010

thats like the only way unless u buy CC and exchange into PP or just try and earn lots and upgrade ur tools or u can help people do stuff they pay u back by doing hammer fireworks nets and stuff it goes quickly though oh and if u get the fireworks in the shark tank u can normally get 50 or 25 PP

17 11 2010
Thermoplastic Elastomers

i really like to color my hair and i would love to try different hair colors specially auburn -.;

10 04 2011

Can two people share the same apartment? Like their married?

12 04 2011

No they can not.

11 06 2011

how do you delete an apartment or house from your list of houses

11 06 2011

Walk up to the sign on your house that you used to purchase it. Right click on it and click sell.

7 07 2011

hey,i need help finding all the price 4 all of the different types of houses…
so if any1 could help,that would b gr8 THX


9 07 2011

The bestway to find the prices it to right click on the home panel in front of them. It will tell you the price of that house.

22 07 2011

HELLLLLLLLPPPP How do I take my tools off?

22 07 2011

How do I get monay………. I have nathan. LOl ❤ 🙂

8 10 2011

play ice fall or look for rock and brake them

1 02 2012

how do i upgrade my tools ???????????????/

22 02 2012

ola pessoal

22 02 2012

como estase

23 02 2012

Me siento muy bien. muchas gracias.

10 03 2012

I don’t know why, but I have been having a hard time posting my t shirt designs, my reason is because I dont know how to do it and because im new. So if anyone can help me that would be AWSOME!

29 03 2012

I cant get CC when i invite someone to game. why?

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