How To Get Behind the Onverse Sign!

28 07 2009


Hello Onversers! In this post I’m going to reveal how to get up to the big onverse sign in the hub. First you gotta shoot yourself out of the cannon next to Threadz and walk backwards so you land on the hill between the arena and main hub center. Then slide down a small hill and walk over to the onverse sign and your there!

P.S. There have been sightings of giant bunnies up there so keep a look out!



2 New Glitches Revealed!

21 07 2009

I found some cool new glitches today while exploring Volcano Island.

The first glitch I found will let you get on top of any house or apartment. I found this glitch while visiting my friend Aergorns’ house. All you have to do is put a chair or something you can sit on in the ceiling of your house or apartment, then sit on it. After that just jump and if your in a house youll be on the roof or if your in an apartment youll end up on top of the floor, like in the picture. I even tried it on my mansion!


this is what it looks like from a distance:


The other glitch I found makes you mini/fun sized when you sit on a fountain.


Thats all for now. I’ll be posting these cool glitches as I find them so tell me about any you find and ill post them, and give you credit!


Tree Climbing Glitch

29 06 2009

I have found a cool new glitch that will let you see the view of Onverse from high above! This glitch will allow you to climb the big trees around the hub.

Trees You Can Climb

Trees You Can Climb

To climb the trees jump into them and then walk forward until you reach the top. You can’t get to the top of all the trees because you’ll fall off some of them before you get to the top. Once you get to the top you’ll be king/queen of Onverse! The best part is when you look through the leaves to the people below walking around and jumping off.

On a Tree Looking Down

On a Tree Looking Down

This is also a great place to dance, chat in private, or spy on people!


Secret Spots!

23 06 2009

While exploring Onverse I’ve found some secret areas not on the map. And I’m here to show them to you! I made all the names.


My first secret place is treasure cove! A secret underground cave full of pirate riches! To find this place go to mansion 1 on volcano island and look for some big rocks in the water, then go in the water and look for the opening in the rocks.


My next secret place is Smokey Cavern! Named Smokey Cavern for all the smoke it makes. To get here go to mansion 3 (my house!) and go to the top of the big hill with the smoke coming out, then jump in the spout!



This secret spot is very secret. Infact I just found it while going to Hollow Hillz! This secret spot is Waterfall Urchins. It is an underwater hangout full of life! To get here teleport to villa 1 and go in the waterfall behind the house.


This secret place is Hollow Hillz. It is a dormant volcano full of crystals! This one isn’t so secret because it has a spot on the map. To get to it go to the map and look for Hollow Hill.


My last secret place is Hub Hangout! it’s a nice little cozy hill behind the apartments with a perfect view of the city! To get here go behind the Metroviw Apartments at the Hub and walk up the side of the hill past a tree until you get to a little flat area with a fire ring on it.

I’ll wait for you guys at any of these awesome places!


Basic Onverse Controls

1 06 2009

For any of you that didn’t see it earlier StevEO posted some of the controls for Onverse’s open BETA. It isn’t a complete list but it will help get you exploring and discovering faster when BETA opens. The controls are:

SHIFT – This toggles run/walk modes. Walking is nice inside buildings.
TAB – This toggles Look/Action modes. Look mode is similar to other MMOs where you can interact with the environment easily. Action mode puts you into an FPS style mode that is good for using your tools on objects, and later for other game-like activities.
SPACE – jump
F – Friends.
Backspace – reply to the last person who sent you a pm.
O – Options
M – Travel Map

I hope this will help you when BETA opens!

P.S. I have a little surprise for you guys when Onverse opens. I’ll give you a hint; it will make it easier for you to check for new posts here on my site. If you think you know what it is put it in the comments!