StevEO Interview!

28 05 2009


To get started I interviewed StevEO! I will try to interview him some time after the BETA opens (and I’ll try to get new questions). Enjoy!


When did you start making Onverse and how long did it take for you to get an experienced crew?
I started Onverse, LLC on December 26th, 2006.  Finding people to join you in a start up is a very hard endeavor.  It’s hard for someone with a secure job to drop everything for something that is unproven and I was all by myself with nothing but an idea.  There were employees prior to Wes, but they are no longer with us so when I hired Wes on, this could be considered the time that Onverse really began to take shape.  This was in August of 2007.  Next came Eric, Ben and Scott most recently.  I’m really proud of our team.
Did you always want to make your own 3D website?
When I was about 11, my oldest brother Tyler was in high school and was really into games.  He and his friend were “Making a game”, he was the artist and his friend was the coder.  This is where my love of (computer) games came from originally, watching him create stuff pixel-by-pixel was amazing to me.
When I went to college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I knew it would be something with technology though.  Games as a career wasn’t really in the picture because I had no idea how to get in and my college had no classes in game creation.  When I found EverQuest though and also found out that the company that made it was in my same city of San Diego, I applied probably 20 times to get my foot in the door, which I finally did after I graduated.
I always knew that I wanted to have my own business some day.  My dad is a businessman and entrepreneur and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.  My love for games, and now with some experience in the industry led me back home to Arizona to take the risk and start Onverse.
What kinds of fun things are there to do in Onverse?
The Onverse you will see when beta opens is a pretty basic package.  We wanted to focus on what we felt was the core from which everything else can evolve – Housing, Shopping, Avatar Customization, Chatting and Exploring.
Housing – We have all sorts of different housing options to choose from.  Everyone can get a free apartment and then upgrade if they choose into large apartments, bungalows, cottages, houses, villas and mansions.
Shopping – The Hub is filled with stores full of items.  You can purchase clothing for your avatar and furniture for your home.
Avatar Customization – Our inventory system is pretty intuitive and allows you to quickly change your avatar’s look.  We have some really over-the-top ideas in the works for some customizations and clothing.
Chatting – This is a social game.  We’re trying to make our chat system as intuitive as possible to make communication easy.  You can chat to people around you, shout to the entire area, talk to all your friends at once, or send private messages.  Our actual chat window I think has some new features not seen in other games that will hopefully be very useful for easy communication.
Exploring – With shopping comes the need to get points to shop with.  To start off, our Tool System will allow you to explore and get loot while you do it.  Simply use your tools on the right objects and you will reveal Player Points for use in our stores.  From pirate caves to erupting volcanoes, there are many places to explore in the Onverse.
Are you planning to change anything outside the 3D world?
If you mean our website, we plan on continually upgrading it to make the experience both on the website and between the website and the virtual world as seamless as possible.  We have a ton of ideas, but only so much time.
We also have ideas for real world influences, such as charity drives and prize drawings.
Is there anything else you want to tell the Onversers?
If I could say anything, it would be “Thank you!”  We are a small team with big dreams and a lot heart, but the product isn’t anything without our users.  We’re building this thing for you and want to make it your favorite place to hang out online.  During our beta, your feedback will be critical in deciding what new additions we will add and what changes we need to make.  I look forward to seeing you all inside on June 15th.

See you at BETA!