26 02 2012

Planking is a great way to waste time. To celebrate the Valentines day and Mardi Gras events I’ve put together a compilation of me planking in some of the most absurd places around the events. This is just a small sample of the many areas in Onverse that are ideal for planking. Enjoy!

the box of love

Free kisses!

I ❤ U

swim with the fishes


ball of steel

This is truly an art!



Onversefanz back from the dead?

24 02 2012

It’s been almost three years since I’ve posted on here. I haven’t had a lot of time to play Onverse, and because of that I’ve been neglecting Onversefanz. However, there is still hope. I’ve been finding more time to rejoin the great Onverse community that I’ve missed for so long. A lot has changed in those three years, far too much for me to post on. I’m sure you’ve all already seen the great things that have happened, so there’s no need for me to tell them to you. I am planning on posting again. I already have some ideas and will be adding a new post sometime in the next few days.


Onverse Overview

20 11 2009

Wow… it has been a LONG time since I’ve posted. But to try to make that up I’m going to go through what’s happened since my last post (or at least what I can remember). Here we go…


~Icefall was a hit!

~15 lucky people were chosen for positions as guides!











        -negativezero (omg I know him!)

        -Ravyne Stormbringer




~JaxM retired from being a guide and was replaced by Blax

~BETA 0.5 was released! It included things like:


        -patcher for windows?

        -New items!

        -Fixed a lot of bugs!

~Movie Contest! Sorry I don’t remember the winners.

~Lots of new users! Onverseis reall growing!

~Poster Competition! Don’t remember the winners for that either…

~New Onverse store! You know you wanna go show off your new onverse shirt to all your friends!

~Lot of events!

Thats all I can remember… =P

P.S. BETA 0.6 is coming out soon so expect a new post about that! Maybe even a sneak peek!


BETA 4.0!

10 08 2009


Recently the Onverse staff made a huge update! They added a new learning center and costume shop called the skeleton closet! In the learning center you can go through the many tutorials and learn new things about Onverse! the skeleton closet is a shop in the mountains accesible by a cannon. There is also a new guide program for the experienced onversers. They are looking for old players to apply to be a guide so they can help the newbies. And last there is a video contest, just make a video to show how awesome onverse is. Theres 10,000 cc’s up for grabs!!


How To Get Behind the Onverse Sign!

28 07 2009


Hello Onversers! In this post I’m going to reveal how to get up to the big onverse sign in the hub. First you gotta shoot yourself out of the cannon next to Threadz and walk backwards so you land on the hill between the arena and main hub center. Then slide down a small hill and walk over to the onverse sign and your there!

P.S. There have been sightings of giant bunnies up there so keep a look out!


2 New Glitches Revealed!

21 07 2009

I found some cool new glitches today while exploring Volcano Island.

The first glitch I found will let you get on top of any house or apartment. I found this glitch while visiting my friend Aergorns’ house. All you have to do is put a chair or something you can sit on in the ceiling of your house or apartment, then sit on it. After that just jump and if your in a house youll be on the roof or if your in an apartment youll end up on top of the floor, like in the picture. I even tried it on my mansion!


this is what it looks like from a distance:


The other glitch I found makes you mini/fun sized when you sit on a fountain.


Thats all for now. I’ll be posting these cool glitches as I find them so tell me about any you find and ill post them, and give you credit!


A Little Side Note

15 07 2009

I changed my banner. Hope you like it!


P.S. I couldn’t decide between the one I have or this one. I’ll probably change between them once in a while.